About Peter Ihegie

Peter Ihegie is a talented singer, songwriter and worship leader with a passion for producing, performing and recording music, both contemporary and spiritually reflective worship songs for his audience.

Coming from a Christian background and a musical family, comprising of siblings who are either church pastors or gospel musicians, Peter’s history is steeped in music and an appreciation of worship and Christianity.

Showing a keen interest in the many platforms of music available to him, Peter grew up learning to write music and lyrics and to play keyboard instruments that allowed him to fulfil his passion. Starting off his musical career in various churches, Peter has served as a keyboardist, soloist and music director both in Nigeria and the UK. In recent years, he has also served as a worship leader and pastor. Now, seeking to spread worship through contemporary music, singer and songwriter Peter Ihegie has released his first single, “Blessings”.

Peter’s work as a gospel recording artist includes contemporary gospel sounds carefully and passionately blended with spiritual songs of praise and worship. Seeking to teach his listeners through his music and recordings, Peter’s songs are appropriate and inspirational for both personal and church use.

As we progress through 2019, this year marks the beginning of many such releases of inspirational and holy teachings that will immensely bless and entertain all listeners. It is Peter’s vision that, through his music, his teachings of God and worship are able to enter the minds of those that do not know of the teachings and word of God or that do not attend church and to help them find direction and faith in his words. Through gospel songs and the availability of modern music streaming, the number of people Peter is able to reach is limitless.